October is here!

Spooky treats available now!

All Ryke’s locations will be closed on Labor Day!

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!

About Us

About Us

Food so prepared.

Food has the power to inspire and serve as the centerpiece for great events. It has the ability to build families, communities, and even nations. When prepared with fresh ingredients and loving attention to detail, food creates mouthwatering memories that last a lifetime.

Our Story

Since 1937, Ryke’s Bakery has been a staple in Muskegon, with a rich history rooted in the Ryke family. John Ryke and his wife, Henrietta, along with their family, established a legacy of exceptional baked goods, outstanding customer service, and a deep love for the community.

Today, Ryke’s Bakery is owned by Su Hwan Kim and his wife, Joung Suk, along with their three children. With a strong background in family-owned bakeries in West Michigan, Mr. Kim has a clear vision for Ryke’s, committed to preserving the bakery’s traditions and maintaining the quality that has made it a household name for over eight decades.

At Ryke’s, flavors are as unique as the people who create them, and the dedicated Ryke’s family of employees puts the icing on the cake, making this local eatery “More than just a bakery.”