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EBT Information

EBT Information

The Law and EBT

Ryke’s can offer:

  • Any cold food to be eaten at home, including snacks & beverages.
  • Cold prepared items, such as deli salads, & wraps, intended to be eaten at home.

Ryke’s may not offer:

  • Hot foods ready to eat – including coffee or soup.
  • Any non-food item such as cards, candles, coffee mugs, t-shirts, theme toys, picks, rings, ribbon, and anything plastic on cakes that are not edible.  Non-food items must be paid for in cash, or with a major credit card.
  • Any equipment rentals.
  • Any services such as cake delivery or catering.


Placing Special Orders using EBT

Deposits and EBT

A deposit or full payment is required to secure any pre-ordered product at Ryke’s Bakery. Deposits can be made with:

  • EBT Cash Benefits not Food Benefits.
  • Cash—Minimum of $10 for orders up to $50, or 20% for orders above $50. This will help cover our costs in the event that the cake is not picked up.
  • A major credit card charged at the time of the order.

 Final Payments with EBT

We are currently updating our policies and will be posting more information soon!


Wedding Cakes and EBT

We are currently updating our policies and will be posting soon!